Government IDs are very important. We live in a society where proof of identity is needed in most transactions to government and even in the private sector, not having a government ID may pose difficulty in enjoying benefits to the government, or even prove to be difficult to transact. Banks and financial institutions require proof of identity, and most of the needed requirements include government IDs. Getting government IDs is surprisingly common nowadays, but the information and the steps on how to apply for a government ID may not be enough, that is where the content rich and informative sources like is here to provide updated and accurate info on how to apply for government IDs and other secondary IDs. We will discuss the list of government IDs that you can surprisingly easier to get hold of.

Postal ID

Postal IDs are very popular among Filipino ID holders. Since it is digitized, it is sturdier and acceptable as a proof of identity. The security features added are very reason why this ID as government ID is acceptable on institutions that accepts the ID. Since the postal ID are easy to avail, just submit the needed documents and forms to nearest Post office offering postal ID application. Click here to learn more about how to get a postal ID in the Philippines.


The Unified Multipurpose Identification Card or UMID card is free on first time issuance. It is also the easiest to get since getting a UMID ID is accessible to privately employed individuals that has no access to government issued ID like he GSIS ID. SSS members, which covers almost all private employee count in the Philippines by virtue of law, makes it easier to avail this ID. Being an SSS member makes you eligible to apply for a UMID ID. For more info, click here to know how to apply for an SSS UMID ID. the benefit of the UMID ID extends to the purpose laid out for its issuance. It is one of the most accepted ID in the Philippines on various government agencies and financial institutions.

To summarize, the postal ID and UMID Card is the best and surprisingly easy to avail government ID in the Philippines. Other government ID might be fine, but these ID enumerated above is way easier to have. UMID Card is also free, and does not expire. It is essential to have these IDs. Having no government ID is very hard, and we encourage everyone to have avail the IDs that will enable them to submit requirements when they need it.

Other Government IDs

These are other government ID application guides you may try to check. For an updated list of requirements, you may follow on the links to the online website of the issuing agency.

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