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As a basis for instituting a National Identification system for the Filipino people, President Rodrigo Duterte on August 6, 2018 signed into law the “Philippine Identification System Act” or the Republic Act 11055. The Republic Act 11055 is a law that establish the PhilSys or the Philippine Identification System. Through the PhilSys, it is tasked to give a valid proof of identity in a form of a unified ID system, to all citizens and resident aliens. It aims to simplify public and private transactions through the use of a unified government issued identification card. It is a good news that the law is already in place, and now begs the question “How to get a Philippine National ID?”

PhilSys is envisioned as a way to promoting ease of doing business in the Philippines. Hence, it will result in social and economic benefit through a platform which transactions can be availed of, and will be a link in providing seamless service delivery and improvement of administrative governance.

id ph

What Info will be in the Philippine National ID?

The Philippine National identification card shall display the unique PhilSys number (PSN), complete name (First Name, Middle Name, Family name), gender, blood type, birth date, birthplace, civil/ marital status (optional), and photo of the Philippine National identification card bearer. It will also store the bearer’s cellphone number (optional), email address (optional), and biometrics data which are full fingerprints set and iris scan in the Registry of PhilSys.

For updates on Philippine ID, visit the website of PhilSys.

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