The universal health provider in the Philippines, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation  or simply “PhilHealth” has a goal to provide a sustainable national health insurance program for Filipinos. Universal health care is our government’s initiative to extending access to health care as broader as possible and setting minimum standard costs. It is noteworthy to say that being struck by medical emergency is affecting the family financially if they are not covered by a health insurance plan. Sickness can be devastating, that may threaten the health and life of love ones, but also poses a financial impact depending on our preparedness and financial capability. Good news is that we are being provided with a social insurance program that provides a means for the healthy to lessen cost or even subsidise for the care of the sick and ill if not financially capable to pay hospital bills. Getting our PhilHealth ID is a good thing, since we will have a quick reference for our PhilHealth number, since the card will bear our PhilHealth information. Basically, it is a government issued ID card issued by PhilHealth being a government owned and controlled corporation of GOCC. It is easy to go to a PhilHealth office and we will discuss how to get PhilHealth ID card.

PhilHealth issues the PhilHealth ID card through its local office bearing a photo, signature, and the unique ID number for the purpose of member identification, eligibility verification, and utilization recording. The ID is not required for PhilHealth transaction, but the member will definitely benefit from getting the card. Law states that not being able to present the PhilHealth ID card shall not deny the privilege of any member in claiming the benefits for medical services under the PhilHealth program. Also, the ID is a valid government identification and can be used a a proof of identity.

How to Get PhilHealth ID

In order to get a PhilHealth ID, you need to be a PhilHealth member. If you are employed, chances are you already submitted the PhilHealth information to Human Resources department in the process of your employment. PhilHealth ID number is given once per person, and is unique. PhilHealth goes beyond the amended law strengthening it or the Republic Act 10606 ( National Health Insurance Act of 2013) to as far as 1995 by virtue of Republic Act 7875 or “National Health Insurance Act of 1995.

Voluntary Members are those unemployed and self-employed individuals paying for a monthly contribution to PhilHealth. Employed and voluntary members enjoys the benefits of PhilHealth like: inpatient care, outpatient care, emergency and transfer services, and other health care services that PhilHealth and the DOH determined as cost effective and appropriate to members.

Become a PhilHealth Member First

These are the steps and requirements when registering as a PhilHealth member.

-prepare for the requirements for PhilHealth applciation such as: two latest 1×1 picture(s), two copies of filled-up PhilHealth Member Registration Form (PMRF) available here, and two valid IDs or a PSA Birth Certificate will do.

-appear at any PhilHealth Local Insurance Office or LHIO and submit the registration form and required documents.

– after successful registration, you will be provided with a PhilHealth ID number. It will be used for requesting PhilHealth ID card and when paying monthly PhilHealth contributions.

Get PhilHealth ID Card

Don’t be confused. There are 2 PhilHealth ID types. The first ID type is the basic one. It is a paper ID, where photos are attached and laminated, and is readily given at LHIO offices near you. The PhilHealth ID card of this type is free. Since the card is thin and easily bend, care must be done to ensure it last long. For better ID, you may avail of a PhilHealth Insurance ID or HIC ID.

Get PhilHealth Insurance ID Card

The PhilHealth insurance card or Health Insurance Card (HIC) being issued to PhilHealth members in the Formal Economy and Informal Sector is a PVC-type is more widely accepted as a proof of identify and considered better than the laminated and basic PhilHealth ID card. Given per member’s request, this card is issued voluntary at a cost of Php 90.00. The security feature of the card makes it an industry wide and government wide recognized government ID which is pursuant to Bangko Sentral ng
Pilipinas (BSP) Memorandum No. M-2012-021, should be honoured in all transactions requiring proof of identity. Dependent ID cards will cost  P358 each. SM Malls, and LHIO  requires submission of at least two valid IDs for dependents. For more information and FAQ, visit this link containing the PhilHealth Circular No. 0005 S. 2014.

Benefits having PhilHealth Insurance ID Card or HIC

The PhilHealth insurance iD card is not just providing the benefit as a government ID, but also provides other discounts and privileges:

  1. Free of charge visual exam at Vivian Sarabia Optical
  2. 15% less discount at Watson’s, Rose Pharmacy, South Star Drug, and The Generics Pharmacy generic drugs
  3. 10% less discount at JNW Drug Testing branch during drug tests
  4. 20% to 80% less discount at PQ Health Shield and GSK flu vaccines
  5. 20% less discount at Vivian Sarabia Optical on regular items

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