As enacted into law, the Republic Act No. 10754 or the “Magna Carta for Persons with Disability” is a law expanding the benefits and privileges of persons with disabilities or PWD. As required by law, the entitlement extended by the RA 10754 is entitled to PWDs with the presentation of a proof or documents like (1) an identification card or PWD ID card issued by the city/municipal mayor or the barangay captain where the PWD resides; (2) the passport of the PWD; or (3) transportation discount fare ID provided by the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons or NCWDP. The benefits entitled to PWDs include at least 20% discount and exemption from VAT and e-VAT, when applicable. Such discounts are for the sale of products or order for services by the PWD themselves. Thus, it is important to have a PWD ID card. PWD ID requirements and processing are done to have a PWD ID. Benefits mentioned that can be availed by the PWD are:

-discount for the charge or fees for using all services in hotels and other lodging businesses, restaurants and recreation facilities.
-discount for the fees charged by theatres, concert halls, circuses, carnivals and other leisure and amusement businesses.
-discount for buying medicines in all drugstores.
-discount for the fees incurred at medical and dental services including diagnostic and laboratory fees, based on the guidelines of Department of Health or DOH, and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation or PhilHealth.
-discount for fare during air and sea travel in the Philippines.
-discount for fare for land transportation travel such jeepneys, taxis, AUVs, MRT, LRT, PNR, and others.
-discount for funeral and burial services for the death of the PWD.

Requirements for PWD ID

To get a PWD ID, there are requirements that will be needed during application. Namely: (1) 2 piece 1 by 1 (1×1) size photograph with the names signatures or thumb marks at the back of the photo and must be recently taken; (2) a valid identification card or ID; and  (3) a document showing and specifically stating the medical condition or disability.

Processing of PWD ID card


Since the law states the need for ID of the PWD in availing the entitlement and discounts for the goods and services availed, the government agency or unit involved in the processing of PWD are the Local Government Unit or LGU of the Municipal and City office. The municipalities will provide PDAO centres that will implement the release and distribution of PWD ID card and will be the venue to claim PWD IDs.

But there are other facilities where we can obtain or download a PWD-Registration Form:

For the convinience and accessibility of PWD registration, there is a DOH online service to regester. It can be found at this link. The system or the “Philippines registry for persons with disabilies or PRPWD” has fields that need to be filled up. Fields include: Last name, First name, Middle name, type of disability (psychosocial disability, learning disability, mental / intellectual/ visual disability, orthopedic (Musculoskeletal) disability, hearing disability, speech impairment ), causes of disability, address, contact detail, birthday, sex, civil status, educational attainment, and employment status.

Other means to register manually is by getting a PWD registration form at the mayor’s office, barangay chairman’s office, NCDA office or other regional office, DSWD offices, and participating organisations accredited by DOH.

If done online, the form needs to be printed for hard-copy. Attach the ID picture on the registration form and attach the 2nd 1×1 photo to the PWD application form. Submit to the offices mentioned above, and the PWD ID will be processed accordingly by the LGU PDAO office.

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