LTO Student Permit

Getting a driver’s license in the Philippines is a tedious process, just like other countries. For students, having the ability to drive at young age is an advantage in real life scenarios and applications. Some students that have access to vehicles like a family car, or a car from their friends. Learning early is an advantage, and driving is considered an important skill at today’s society. Learning to drive as a student is useful for a number of reasons. There are known jobs that has a requirement for driving, and some students engage in part time jobs may need to hold a valid drivers license. Of course, the drivers license is needed as part of the law when driving a vehicle, and to establish road-worthiness of student drivers and professional drivers alike. For as student, getting student drivers license is also best thing to do since in some emergency scenarios, a student may only be the person capable of driving a wheel to save the lives of others. Student drivers also need student LTO permit to utilize their available vehicle, and to enjoy the freedom to travel where the student LTO permit holder wish to go locations, specially where expensive or less accessible public transportation is available like in remote areas.

For a student LTO permit holder, driving can be relaxing and invigorating. Their family, or friends can go to a weekend getaway, or do some tasks requiring the use of a service vehicle, which can be maximized by a student via an LTO student permit. In the process of application, students will find it exciting and can give the feeling of nervousness in case they do not get approved to have LTO student permit. First-time applicants of LTO permit are students that are capable of driving based on their age and skill requirement to avail LTO permit. As of now, there are 3 LTO drivers licenses available: student permit, non-professional, and professional license.

LTO Student Permit Qualifications

Should be at least 17 years of age.
Should be mentally and physically fit to drive a motor vehicle.
Should be capable of reading and writing in English or Filipino language or the applicable local dialect; and
For foreigner applicants, should be at least 18 years old of age and should have a 1 year residency in the Philipppines from date of application.

List of Student Permit Requirements

  1. Completely filled up and accomplished Application form for Driver’s License (ADL);
  2. Original copy and photocopy of authenticated PSA Birth certificate ( previously National Statistics Office);
  3. For applicants below  below 18 years of age, should present original copy of parent’s or guardian’s consent letter. Must include original and photocopy of 1 valid government ID bearing the signature of the consenting parent or guardian; and
  4. Must bring med cert coming from any licensed medical doctor specifically stating that the LTO student permit applicant is physically and mentally fit to operate a motor vehicle, or alternatively showing the impairment.
  5. For foreigner applicants, must bring original and photocopy of passport with date of entry at least 1 month and visa duration of at minimum of 1 year from date of application. If born in the Philippines, must bring an original and photocopy of PSA authenticated birth certificate.

LTO Student Permit

How to Get LTO Student Permit

The location for the the application of LTO student permit shall be done at any LTO Licensing Centre and Land Transportation office district or extension. Upon successful processing, the issuance of the LTO student permit will also be at any LTO Licensing Centre and Land Transportation office district or extension.

1. The LTO Student permit applicant shall submit all the documents and requirements to the LTO receiving staff.

The completeness of the documents required will be check by the LTO receiving staff and turn-over the files to an evaluating staff.
The qualifications of the LTO student applicant shall be checked by the evaluating staff and, after getting screened, will be encoded for the next step in LTO permit application system. After finished encoding, the application shall either be approved or disapproved by the LTO Approving staff.

2. After successful approval, the LTO Student permit applicant must be headed to data capture section for photograph and signature capture.

3. The applicant must prepare and pay for the required fees to the Cashier.

4. Applicant will get the Student Permit or SP Card with the Official Receipt released, and will be filling-up the release form with their full name and signature.

The successful SP Card holder will be provided with a reviewer about all possible exam questions for issuance of an NPDL, PDL and Conductor’s License.

Cost of LTO Student Permit

Application Fee Php 100.00
Computer Fee Php 67.63
Student Permit Fee Php 150.00
Total Cost Php 317.63

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