The updated list of SSS hotline number is given below. The SSS contact number is important when trying to call SSS for issues on payment of loan, contribution inquiries, missing SSS number, membership inquiries, etc. since SSS branches are found not just in many locations in the Philippines, but also overseas. SSS branch name is the name of the SSS office in the area where SSS transactions can be done such as membership contribution payment, and loan services. The SSS website provides the list of SSS hotlines, and is made easy for searching through the simplified link and steps listed below. Note the included information such as the branch name, the address of the SSS branch, the contact number of the SSS office and its branch head or OIC (Officer-in-charge) name and email address. One may inquire at the branch to learn their SSS contribution and payment. The SSS website which can be found at provides a quick and convenient way to review employer’s processing of SSS member contribution or loan payments. Voluntary and self-employeed SSS members may also check the website which is open 24/7. If the member would like to get to the SSS office in case the inquiry needs personal appearance at the SSS branch, it is important to know the SSS office hours. SSS office hours is usaually 8AM to 5PM, or alternatively 7AM to 5PM. Actual operating hours of an SSS branch may differ from one another, to service more SSS members. Other SSS branch has opening time of 9AM or 10AM, while closing time may go as late as 6PM or 7PM. Checking SSS contribution online can be convinient, since being online nowadays is a norm when trying to get better and faster service (or self-service, which agencies develop websites to reduce load in their call centers). Even SSS online verification can be done, simply by going to the SSS website.

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SSS main office and branch office hotline is provided in the list of steps below. To simply search for a specific location quickly, follow the steps on finding the updated list of SSS contact number.

SSS Contact Number

To check the SSS branch contact number or hotline, do the following steps:


  1. Go to the SSS official website:
  2. You may select by specific region or SSS branch, by selecting from the drop down menu of the SSS branch directory page
  3. Alternatively, you may search based on your input keyword. Just type into “Input search string” your desired keyword to quickly located the SSS branch or office contact number
  4. To view all branches and contact number, enter <space> in the input search string text box. This may be handy when you need tor retrieve all SSS contact numbers and address
  5. To view the nearest SSS branch and contact number, it is best to select from the drop down list per region
  6. If in case the user is familiar with the branch name of the SSS office, they just simply select on the “branch” drop down menu.

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