TIN ID or Tax identification Number ID is a government ID used in the Philippines for proof of identity. It is being issued by the government agency tasked with the collection of internal revenue tax of the government. The Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR, which we are referring to  is an agency of Department of Finance. The Bureau of Internal revenue collects taxes from citizens, corporations, and entities required under the authority of the Internal Revenue Code. Filing a tax return, statement or other document is being assigned with a corresponding unique Taxpayer Identification Number  or TIN which is required in the return or filing of documents for proper identification. The BIR site provides a list of individuals or entities and the need to secure a TIN to be able to transact. This includes: Overseas contractual workers or seamen earning purely foreign-sourced income, corporations/partnerships, non-resident citizens, individuals earning purely compensation income, estates (under judicial settlement) , and for self-employed and mixed income individuals. With the use of TIN, BIR issues TIN ID upon requests. The procedures and requirement of getting TIN ID will be given. Online filling will also be provided and checked for TIN ID request application.

The TIN or Tax identification number is being issued to individuals once, and does not have expiry date. This ensures individuals will be able to file tax returns to their BIR transaction history. BIR is a government agency, thus the TIN ID is a government issued ID. Government IDs are ideal ID to secure. Securing a government ID is important to lessen the number of secondary IDs to maintain. The requirements of financial institutions like banks and credit card companies can be strict in terms of proof of identity on their requirement. Having a government ID can decide whether your transaction will be accepted. Even money remittance centres can be selective in accepting IDs. You might be required to bring 2 or more documents as proof of identity if you have no government ID, which is a hassle. Having a TIN ID is a good start when trying to get hold of government issued ID. TIN ID is fairly easy to get. You will not need to have a proven skill (application requirement ex. Driver’s license) nor exams to be passed (ex. PRC ID). Since a typical employee is already familiar with tax deducted from their monthly income, then having a TIN number is guaranteed. You may still remember that during your first time of employment, one of the requirement is the TIN registration. Hence, getting your TIN ID from BIR should be planned. Here are the steps to get TIN ID.

If you have no TIN number yet, you will need to file with the requirements your registration for TIN.

Steps to Manually get a Tax Identification Number

  1. Bring any identification issued by an authorized government agency: Birth Certificate, passport, driver’s license, community tax certificate or sedula that should bear the name, address and birth date of the applicant. Bring Marriage Contract, if married. It serves as a proof of civil status.
  2. Appear to the Revenue District Office (RDO) of BIR nearest you.
  3. Accomplish the TIN application form. Get BIR Form 1901 if you are self-employed and mixed income individual. Get BIR Form 1902if you are earning purely on compensation income and if a non resident citizen.
  4. You will be given a Tax Identification Number.

Steps to get a Tax Identification Number Online

Technology have a role in streamlining the manual process of government transactions. We are seeing the improvement of our government transactions by the upgrades and online services provided by some government agencies. One of which is BIR’s eREGISTRATION or eREG. eREG system is an online application system for diverse taxpayer registration services like tax identification number assignment, payment of registration fee and issuance of Certificate of Registration. Specifically, the part of the eREG System that handles TIN online registration is called eTIN. It offers services to the following class of individual TIN registrants: self-employed individuals like professionals like doctors and lawyers and single proprietors. It also provides online TIN registration for mixed income earners. Mixed income earners are individuals earning from becoming an employee and a single proprietor or professional at the same time.

  1. Go to the BIR eREG site.
  2. Fill up the needed information.


Steps to Get TIN ID

  1. Appear to the Revenue District Office (RDO) of BIR nearest you.
  2. Request for a TIN ID by providing your Tax identification number.

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