The Philippine Social Security System or SSS is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC), instituted by virtue of Republic Act No.1161 or the Social Security Act of 1954 and later amended by the passage of Republic Act No. 8282 of 1997. As a counterpart of GSIS social insurance program for government workers, SSS is a social insurance program for workers in the private, professional, and informal sectors  in the Philippines. New SSS members that have no SSS ID before are now being issued with UMID or Unified Multi-Purpose ID. Since SSS is a government owned and controlled corporation, the UMID card ID is a government issued ID. Government IDs are universally accepted in major transactions requiring proof of identity. Getting SSS ID/ UMID therefore should be pursued, than other IDs that has cost and fees for application. An SSS member can pay conveniently for their SSS contributions and loan repayments online via BancNet ATM card or through UnionBank. Online SSS ID issuance is not yet available, and must be filled to an SSS branch.

Getting SSS or UMID card has an an easy process of application. Getting one is ideal for various needs like requirements and identification procedures. An SSS UMID card as a government ID is important because it is a document which can be presented as SSS member’s proof of identity. When used for other purposes aside from SSS benefits application, it can also be used to prove a person’s identity for other transactions such as banking, credit card application, loan application, and passport application. Having an SSS UMID ID card is handy. To get an SSS UMID ID, one must be an SSS member.  You may also get an SSS UMID ID by being Pag-Ibig, PhilHealth or GSIS member. UMID card is indeed a multi-purpose ID card, and was intended to streamline the identification systems among government agencies, and GOCCs. Being a member of SSS is easy, and is often the case for a working Filipino. Even an self-employed person can apply for SSS membership, but would need to pay all shares of the contribution since the self-employed has no employer contributor. SSS benefits is very broad, and is easy to be availed by members. The benefits of being SSS member includes:

Sickness Benefit
The sickness benefit is a day-to-day cash allowance from SSS based on the no. of days the member was unable to work because of injury or sickness. Member must be is unable to work due to sickness or injury (hospitalized or at home for at least 4 days), has paid at least 3 months of his/her contributions within 12 months, if employed-has used up all remaining company sick leaves. Member must also notify the employer, or directly the SSS (if no longer employed)/ voluntary member or self employed regarding the state of being sick or injured.

Compensation: The amount of to-be paid sickness benefit per day is equal to 90% average daily salary credit.

Maternity Benefit
SSS maternity benefit is a daily cash allowance given to eligible SSS female member who was unable to continue reporting to work due to childbirth or miscarriage. The member must be paid on her SSS contribution at least 3 months within 12 months from time of miscarriage or childbirth. The member should have given the required notification of her pregnancy through her employer (EM), or
directly to the SSS if already separated from company, a self-employed member or a voluntary member.

Compensation: The amount of to-be paid maternity benefit  is 78 days for caesarean section delivery or ectopic pregnancy with operation. Otherwise, the amount of to-be paid maternity benefit is equivalent to 100% of the member’s average daily salary credit time 60 days ( if normal delivery or miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy without operation or hydatidiform mole).

Disability Benefit
Those who qualify include a member who suffers partial or total permanent disability and has at minimum a 1 month contribution paid to the SSS prior to the semester of contingency.

1. Can be given as a monthly pension which is a cash benefit given to eligible member. Must be paid with SSS for at least 36
months worth of contribution before the semester of disability benefit  claim.
2. Can be given as a lump sum figure which is being given to SSS member claimant who has not met the mandated minimum contribution of 36 months and being given if the approved disability period is payable for less than twelve (12) months.

Retirement Benefit
Those who qualify for the retirement benefit receives a cash benefit paid either in lump sum or monthly pension if the SSS member has old age and can no longer work due to it. Member must be paid with 10 years worth of SSS contributions before the semester of
retirement and is any of the following, whichever is applicable: at least 60 years of age and separated from employment (or is no longer self-employed), OFW, at least 65 years of age (technically retiring), at least 55 years of age and separated from employer or company or no longer self employed, an “underground mineworker”, a total disability pensioner who has recovered from disability and is at least 60 years old or at least 55 years of age for an underground mineworker. A member can also become eligible if he/she age is 60 years old and above, but is not 65 years old or more, with 120 contributions or more can still resume SSS contribution as voluntary member until the age of 65 years old is reached for purpose of higher SSS retirement benefit amount.

1. Can be given as a monthly pension
2. Can be a lump sum amount equal to total contributions paid by the member and if apply, by his employer, inclusive of earned interest  from years of contribution.

Death Benefit
This is an SSS benefit for deceased member paid as cash benefit paid either in monthly pension or lump sum to the

1. Can be a monthly pension being given only to primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid at least 36 months of SSS contributions before the semester of death.
2. Can be given as a lump sum amount  given only to the primary beneficiaries of a deceased member who had paid less than 36 month of SSS contributions before the semester of death. For secondary beneficiaries, they are receive via lump sum option.

Funeral Assistance Benefit
The funeral assistance grant is given to the payer of the burial expenses incurred for a deceased pensioner. The amount ranges from a minimum of Php 20,000 to a maximum of Php 40,000 which is variable and based on total SSS paid contributions and CYS.


Old SSS ID Processing

There was an urgent need to integrate and speed-up processes and issuance of identification cards in government agencies.

Before, SSS IDs are issued. In place of the old SSS ID, UMID card is now being issued. Replacement for old SSS ID to a new UMID card will incur a cost of Php 200 for replacement fee.

How to Get SSS UMID ID


In order to reduce costs and to provide better services through convenient ID issuance for transacting businesses with government, April 13 2005 marked the issuance of Executive Order No. 420. Primarily, the E.O. instructs the adoption of a unified multi-purpose identification or UMID system for government and its issuance to the public.

SSS UMID card is free for first-time UMID ID/ SSS ID holders which means applicant must have no existing SSS ID or UMID card and current with SSS contribution at least 1 month.

Here are the steps:

1. Download the Form for the UMID SSS application here.


2. Submit the correctly filled-up UMID application form to nearest SSS branch. For the complete SSS branch, refer to

3. Together with the needed proof of identity requirement such as original or certified true copy of old Social Security card, Professional Regulation Commission PRC) card, Driver’s licence, passport or Seaman’s Book. List of other acceptable ID is available on the attached document below, to be at least 2 of the following:

4. For UMID card replacements, replacement fee is Php 200 for old SSS ID to a new UMID card. New UMID ID card applicants will have free UMID card fee. When filling the UMID ID application at SSS branch with all the requirements and correct details, you will be photograph and signature will be captured at data capturing stage. After done with the whole SSS UMID card processing, you may wait for 1-3 months of UMID ID card postal delivery on the specificed delivery address during application.

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