PSA (formerly NSO) birth certificate is a basic legal document that provides identity to a new born child in the Philippines. Other countries has their own issuing body for birth certificates. In the Philippines, the PSA or the Philippine Statistics Authority issues birth certificates. If not yet familiar to the new agency issuing birth certificates, we provide a brief introduction. PSA was the new government agency which is a merger of National Statistics Office, the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics and the National Statistical Coordination Board, under the new law enacted on September 12, 2013. The PSA was created under R.A. No. 10625 also known as “Philippine Statistical Act of 2013” signed 5 years ago. National Statistics Office previously issues Philippine birth certificates, and remains to be the popular alias for birth certificates in the Philippines instead of the new name: PSA birth certificate. The benefit of having birth certificate, aside from being “a right of a child” but also gives identity and rights to nationality, health care, schooling, passport, and right to own property based on Philippine laws. Due its characteristic as a basic legal document, PSA or NSO birth certificate is one of the most presented government issued certificate, it contains the basic information of a person or child such as the first name, last name, middle name, name of the mother, name of father, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, and gender.

Old Birth Certificate Request Processing

As a predecessor of the PSA, the National Statistics Office or NSO is formerly known as Bureau of Census and Statistics that had the responsibility to administer and apply the provision of the Civil Registry Law such as archiving of birth, death and marriage. It issues birth certificate, death certificate and marriage certificate since February 1931.

Previously, if birth certificate is being requested from an NSO office, be prepared to be on line or queue early or spend your whole day at their office.  Worst is that the cutoff will start, and you will need to return to NSO. The process was improved, providing  delivery and pick services for the birth certificates nationwide. Back during those time, payment is not possible online.


Get PSA or NSO Birth Certificate Online

With internet connectivity, secure online payments, and PSA website, getting NSO birth certificate online through online application is faster and easy. Here are the simplified steps in navigating the PSA NSO Helpline website. We will show how to get a PSA or NSO birth certificate online. To maximize the features of NSO Helpline website, it is best to prepare online payment channel accounts like your ATM card details (Banknet, Visa, or Mastercard) or be ready for paying via over-the-counter payment channels (such as 7 eleven ECpay).


Step 1:

Open your browser from your internet connected computer or data-enabled smartphone. Go to the PSA Helpline website and click Birth Certificate as shown above. Other PSA services can also be availed here by clicking the appropriate button.


Step 2:

Properly clicking the button from step 1, select the appropriate reason for PSA /NSO birth certificate request. Most common use is for local employment, school requirement or passport/ travel application. From the screenshot above, it shows where to click for local employment button. Select Others if the reason is not in the list, then type the specific reason for NSO birth certificate request.


Step 3:

The birth certificate application form will follow after step 2. Fill up the needed details such as the name on the birth certificate. Next is the birth details such as gender,birthday, birthplace, and birthright. Lastly, fill up name of father and mother. Click continue when done filling up the information.


Step 4:

There will be a prompt that appear after filling up the previous form. Answer the prompt appropriately on the changes or legal proceedings done with the NSO birth certificate of the requester. If none, meaning there is no change request of NSO birth certificate entry previously through the courts, then click “None”.


Step 5:

Checkout page will be displayed, and we are nearing the end of NSO birth certificate online request. Order summary is provided, which the requester can re-check information for typographical errors. Contact info and delivery address is to be filled out. Click the Terms and conditions to read the PSA birth certificate online request helpline terms of use. Check the checkbox for certifying that the submitted information is true and valid.NSO-Birth-Certificate-4

Step 6:

Order confirmation is shown, which provides the information called “Reference number”. Use the reference number when paying the fees at a later time such as via over-the-counter payment channel. You may proceed with the payment within the same page, as seen on the Pay Now section screenshot above. Choice of payment for getting NSO birth certificate includes : Visa, Mastercard, BancNet, Globe Gcash, Metrobank online, Security Bank, and & Eleven ECpay. “Check Status” tab provides progress and tracking information while waiting for the delivery of NSO birth certificate to requester’s home which is about 2 to 3 working days.

How Much to Get NSO or PSA Birth Certificate?

NSO or PSA birth certificates incurs cost to the requesting party. Basically, the amount that will be paid by the requester is already provided by the NSO Helpline website during the NSO birth certificate online requisition. You may find the NSO brith certificate processing site here.

Starting from February 1, 2018 the updated fees for birth certificate issuance request will be:

Php 365.00 per copy of Birth certificate

Other civil documents also have updated rate like: cost of Php 365.00 per copy of Marriage or Death certificate, and cost of Php 465.00 per copy of CENOMAR. Pursuant to the R.A. No. 10963 also known as the “Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion Law”, and R.R. No. 4-2018 of the BIR, the increase in fees was a result of Rate Adjustment of documentary stamp tax.

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