NBI clearance is one of the requirements when getting a job. NBI clearance is also one of the most applied ID in the Philippines and even for OFW overseas. It is one of the most presented government issued identification form, almost similar to an identification card with picture of holder and signature. As the name implies, NBI clearance are issued by NBI. NBI or the National Bureau of Investigation is a Philippine government agency under the DOJ or the Department of Justice which is tasked on resolving and handling major high-profile cases that are under national interest. NBI clearance is being issued by NBI. There are several sources of criminal records entered into the NBI Criminal Database namely: all criminal records from Philippine courts, criminal records filed with the Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan, and criminal records from the Prosecution Service and Police/ AFP records. Applications for NBI clearance is being handled by NBI’s criminal records clearance services. Due to popularity of NBI clearance in the Philippines being used along with other Philippine ID card, the number of applications for NBI clearance processed by the agency is 5.475 million in year 2015. How to get an NBI clearance is a question we ask now, since there are changes already made in getting an NBI clearance from the old manual process.

Getting NBI clearance before almost take 2-3 hours during peak hours. You might have experience getting NBI clearance during early morning, when everyone is also early in anticipation of a long line and slow processing. For applying NBI clearance, there is normally a manual steps or stage that you need to complete to have the NBI clearance namely:

Old Manual NBI Clearance Processing

Step 1 Fill up the form
Step 2 Data check
Step 3 Payment
Step 4 Encoding
Step 5 Photo and fingerprint scanning
Step 6 Clearance printing


Again, the steps above is for manual process of NBI clearance application. The volume of people applying for NBI clearance is huge, since the NBI clearance serves many important purpose. It is hard to see the ease of getting NBI clearance at 96% of the total applications to be processed within 10 minutes of receipt using manual process. With the action of NBI and the political will of the executive branch, it was eyed that the increase of NBI clearance issuance is through the implement the electronic payment and online application to decongest the queuing NBI offices and satellite offices. Coordination with the local government units or LGU also lead to bring the NBI clearance system closer to Filipinos.

Online Registration Appointment and E-payment

Step 1 Photo and Fingerprint scanning
Step 2 Clearance printing



The online registration provides the best benefit of internet. Going online on the applicant’s own mobile device or internet connected computer is easy than sitting on a line or queue. We just need to go to this link and register. Sign up for an NBI account. After being registered, take note of the digital Reference number since this will be shown to the NBI branch or satellite office for the actual 2 step NBI clearance claiming. Seen above are the 2 steps to be done when at NBI branch office or satellite office. This includes photograph capture and fingerprint scanning. The last part involves clearance printing when there is no “Hit” or NBI criminal database match which means the applicant need to return to NBI Clearance window after 8 business days. You can take home the NBI clearance within just 10 minutes at this shortened process when not on “hit”.


To claim the NBI clearance the applicant still need to go to NBI office. There will be a need to bring at least 2 valid supporting documentation that proves your identity of NBI clearance recipeint. It is important to bring valid IDs that are accepted by NBI. Proof of payment is also needed, since the applicant already made an E-payment when setting up online NBI registration and appointment.

List of Accepted Supporting IDs

  1. Philippine Passport
  2. SSS ID
  4. Voter’s ID
  5. TIN ID
  6. Postal ID
  7. Senior Citizen
  8. Philhealth ID
  9. Driver’s License
  10. PRC License
  11. School ID
  12. NSO Authenticated Birth Certificate
  13. Alien Certificate of Registration
  14. Old NBI Clearance

How Much to Get NBI Clearance?

Regarding the cost of applying for an NBI clearance, the NBI website has an announcement specifically about the fees to be collected. NBI will be charging a fee of Php130.00 per clearance certificate. Before, it was Php115.00 but it increased effective onward from March 12, 2018 to comply with BIR Documentary Stamp Tax (DST) rate adjustment. It was further explained that in pursuant to R.A. No. 10963 or the “Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law” and implemented with R.R. No. 4-2018 of the BIR.

NBI clearance application and claiming is a first come-first served basis being strictly implemented ever since. Claiming NBI clearance and registration involves proper dress code adherence. As much as possible,do not wear flip flops, slippers, tank tops and shorts to avoid denial of services. Under R.A. No. 9710 or the “Magna Carta of Women”, R.A. No. 9994 or the “Expanded Senior Citizens Act of 2010”, NBI will implement courtesy lanes to those stated above covered by the law and also for nursing mothers and person with disabilities. An authorization letter ca be provided when the claimant is not the NBI clearance owner, proving proof that he or she is authorised to claim the NBI clearance.


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